APRIL 15, 2010

  Robert Judge Woerheide
  Kathryn M Woerheide
  Lawrence Lawson
  Steve Kowit
  Robert Judge Woerheide
  Benjamin Arnold
  Chauncey Mabe

Poetry is the purest distillation

The word "poem" is derived from the Greek poema, or poiesis, a noun derived from the verb poie-o, which means "to make or do." Poets are sometimes called makers. Poetry as an art form may predate literacy.

Fiction to remind us of the details

The Latin fictio means "the action of shaping, a feigning, or that which is feigned." Fictio was in turn derived from fingere, "to make by shaping; to invent." The term "fiction" was first used around 1412 CE.

Non-Fiction with the reader in mind

The word "prose," in this case referring to non-fiction prose, is derived from the Latin word prosa, which literally translates to "straightforward." Prose is adopted for the discussion of facts and topical reading.


Perigee Suspends Publication Indefinitely

It is with many mixed emotions that Perigee's Editor-in-Chief, designer, and administrator announces trading in India that Perigee will be suspending publication indefinitely. The April 2010 issue will be Perigee's last for the foreseeable future, as Woerheide returns to graduate school and remains a full-time dad to his growing toddler. Read the special Editor's Note in this 7th anniversary issue of Perigee.   editor's note>

Lawrence Lawson Invited to Serve as Guest Fiction Editor

Perigee tapped long-time contributor, contest winner, and Pushcart-nominated wordsmith Lawrence Lawson to serve as this issue's Guest Fiction Editor. Lawson's popular regular contributions to Perigee during his time in Ukraine working in the Peace Corps helped to shape the early voice of Perigee, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him again. Learn more about Lawson and read his selections from the work submitted to us by visiting our fiction trading online.   fiction section>

Contributing Editor Benjamin Arnold's Fractals of Past Published by LeRue Press

Perigee is proud to announce the release of Contributing Editor Benjamin Arnold's first chapbook, Fractals of Past (LeRue Press and LRP Printing). In addition to his work with Perigee—as one of its founding editors—Arnold studied under award-winning poet Judy Jordan (Carolina Ghost Woods and 60 Cent Coffee and a Quarter to Dance) and earned a degree in short term trading and Writing Studies from Cal State San Marcos in 2003. He now teaches English in Reno, NV, is the founder of BEtheCAUSE, and is working on his second poetry collection.   fractals of past>

Perigee's 2009 Donor Drive Underway

As an independent, non-profit literary publication, Perigee relies on the generosity and support of its readers and contributors to continue publishing. As we approach our seven year anniversary in 2010, we are looking to expand Perigee in new directions—bringing literary appreciation programs and college prep writing seminars to high schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Not only can you help us work to bring literature and art into the classroom, you can help us with the day to day costs of publishing Perigee. Donations are tax deductible, and include a variety of levels from $1 on up.   support our 2009 donation drive>

2009 Poetry Contest Winners Announced

$600 in cash and bragging rights as the best of the best were up for grabs in our most competitive and popular poetry contest to date. First Place and $300 went to Corrie Williamson for "The Seed Jar." Second Place ($200): "Sweet Molasses," by Ginny Lowe Conners. Third Place ($100): "Yosemite," by Peter Bolland. Honorable Mentions: "The Last Battle of the Civil War," by Peter Bolland; "Crossroads," by Cameron Keller Scott. Special thanks to Suzanne Lummis for serving as our guest judge.   visit the poetry section>

Steve Kowit Joins Perigee as Poetry Editor

Multiple award winning poet Steve Kowit has joined Perigee as Poetry Editor. In addition to authoring several books of his own poetry, Kowit has edited a poetry anthology, The Maverick Poets; written several works on the subject of writing poetry, including the highly praised In the Palm Of Your Hand: The Poet's Portable Workshop; and has had poetry in a wide range of respected journals, magazines and newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, The Yoga Journal and The Sun. A complete introduction is available on our blog.   read the introduction>

Perigee Named Top-50 Literary Magazine by Web Del Sol

We are excited and proud that Perigee was recently named one of the top 50 literary publications in the world. One look at the list and you'll understand why we are so pleased by this selection. This is a huge success for not only our modest independent publication, but also (perhaps more so) for all the contributors who've helped make Perigee what it is today.   see the list>

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