Founded in May of 2003

Perigee is a not-for-profit quarterly online literary magazine dedicated to publishing excellent writing and artwork from new and established writers and artists.

Notable Contributors

Jacob M. Appel, Gladys Swan, Michael Lee, Norman Mailer, Jack Driscoll, Walter Cummins, R.A. Rycraft, Okla Elliott, Thomas E. Kennedy, James Brown, Duff Brenna, Tom Sheehan, Marvin Bell, Jack Marshall, Joe Millar, Steve Kowit, Sam Hamod, Mick Cochrane, and Suzanne Lummis.


In addition to numerous design awards and five Pushcart nominations, in March of 2009 Web Del Sol listed Perigee as one of the top 50 literary publications in the entire world.

Guest Editors


Marvin Bell (2006)
James Brown (2009)
Judy Jordan (2004)
Thomas E Kennedy (2008)
Steve Kowit (2005)
Suzanne Lummis (2009)
Joseph Millar (2007)
Susan Straight (2010)

Masthead: Current and past staff

Robert Judge Woerheide
Editor in Chief, Designer
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Kate Woerheide
Chief Executive Officer
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Lawrence Lawson
Guest Fiction Editor
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Steve Kowit
Poetry Editor
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Benjamin Arnold
Contributing Editor
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Chauncey Mabe
Contributing Editor
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Honorary, Retired Editors
Duff Brenna (Fiction Editor)
Fred T Buckley (Photography Editor; Founding Editor)
Walter Cummins (Contributing Editor)
Sue Fellows (Contributing and Advising Editor; Founding Editor)
Sara Goetze (Reader)
Thomas E. Kennedy (Conributing Editor)
John McGuinness (Fiction Editor)
R.A. Rycraft (Non-Fiction Editor)
Jensea Storie (Poetry Editor)
Leighann Timbs (Poetry Co-Editor; Founding Editor)

Openings: Available staff positions

Perigee is not seeking editorial candidates at this time.

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