Robert Judge Woerheide

Perigee's founding editor is a writer and web designer who lives with his wife and daughter in St. Louis, MO. His writing has appeared in magazines such as Triplopia, Miranda Literary Magazine, Coe Review, and the premiere issue of Cadillac Cicatrix, and his collection of stories, Traveling Sitting Still, was published in 2007. Robert established Perigee in 2003 while an undergraduate student at Cal State San Marcos, where he earned a degree in Literature and Writing Studies.

He now serves as Perigee's Editor-in-Chief and is also responsible for the design and maintenance of its web site, as well as all administrative details—an enormously time-consuming effort. Robert is a graduate student at Fontbonne University and a fulltime father to his growing toddler.

A note from Perigee's founding editor

Dear Writers, Poets, and Readers,

This issue—which marks our 7th anniversary and is our 28th volume—will be Perigee's last publication for the foreseeable future. Perigee has been a great passion of mine for these many years, and a constant source of discovery and inspiration. These days, as a stay-at-home dad and full-time graduate student, my attentions are necessarily shifting elsewhere. I'd like to leave the door open for Perigee's return in the coming years and hope to revisit and rekindle this remarkable conversation we've been having.

In the meantime please accept my sincerest thanks for your support over the years. As I look back through 28 issues I leave satisfied that Perigee accomplished the goal at the heart of my decision to create this publication in the first place: To provide a quality venue for well crafted writing and art, particularly for voices who might not otherwise be heard.

Yours Truly,

Robert J Woerheide

Robert J Woerheide
Editor-in-Chief, Designer